Filtration systems

The basis of filtration systems is the complex filtration filter, patented by MTF. It is a carbon candle filter with the possibility of combining the sedimentary and sorption systems. The advantage of our filtration systems over others is their efficiency and relatively small size. Our systems enable cleaning of hot liquids and chemically aggressive gases.

The filter consists of a housing in which there are two chambers. The uncleaned fluid chamber is separated from the liquid chamber cleaned with a filtering partition. The filtration partition consists of an open-work slab, in the openings of which the cylindrical filters are mounted vertically. Each vertically mounted filter is a candle filter that contacts the closest, the same filters. The filters themselves are composed of an outer layer (made of a special filter fabric and an inner layer – coaxially placed cylindrical filter cartridge (from activated charcoal dust) covered with a filtration coating.