Gasification systems

Many years of research on the transformation of organic waste into energy have enabled the construction of a gasification unit for solid fuel EKOD. We are currently building a fourth generation reactor that will enable thermal transformation of up to 1.5 tons of waste per hour into gas fuel. Tests on working installations confirmed that the whole process, including the burning of the resulting gas, results in very low emission of pollutants (see table). The flue gases created in a small amount meet all the requirements imposed on incinerators by the European Union. It is possible to expand the gasification system so that the final product of the system is not gas, but electricity and heat. The entire gasification process is controlled and registered by  automation system.

The EKOD reactor can be adapted to neutralize various types of waste, generate energy from production waste, and use biomass energy.

Examples of EKOD reactor applications: Waste neutralization:

  • municipal
  • medical
  • pharmaceutical
  • tannery
  • industrial (railway sleepers, tires)
  • food
  • animal (animal meal)
  • other

Energy use of biomass:

  • wood chips
  • scobs
  • peat
  • straw
  • waste construction timber
  • energy crops (in particular, Pennsylvania mallow, whose yield is an excellent fuel for gasification, with dry wood parameters)