INNOTECH program

Development of a low-emission biomass gasification reactor

Project implemented as part of the “INNOTECH” Program in the HI-TECH program path

The aim of the project is to determine the operating parameters of the gasification chamber guaranteeing the production of gas with increased calorific value and reduced tar yield. The designed device will be integrated with the plasma generator, enabling the use of gas in generating generators.

The works are aimed at constructing a biomass gasification device that will produce gas with a calorific value higher than 8 MJ/m³ and a tar content of at most 10 mg/m³.

Achieving the intended effect will involve the performance of industrial research and development research in four stages:

● Implementation of the concept of a new gasification reactor.
● Performing technological and construction calculations.
● Implementation of a technical design for a gasification reactor producing gas with parameters that enable its use in power generators.
● Execution of a gasification chamber prototype on a semi-technical scale and checking the correctness of solutions.

Our company has the resources, knowledge and skills to make a prototype of such a device and carry out appropriate physical tests. Stage 1 and 2 will be implemented as part of the research phase of the project.